Crop Circle Near Devizes

Told about this by a fellow Drone Pilot in my area, just got it before the farmer ran his Combine over it.


Here today gone tomorrow , that’s very well done there is little if any disturbance to the nearby crop and it’s a very intricate design ……very interesting


There have been many reported this year …



Tons most year nearly always in Wiltshire. There’s a barn you can go to or something that’s classed as the crop circle visitor centre.

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I am lucky enoughto live in wiltshire and we get quite a few each year, i went to another that night but it had been combined the night before. they have been popping up since may this year and i think there are more as people are getting out more after the last 2 years. Who knows what causes them or if people do them, they look amazing and this one was massive…look at the tractor next to it.

Definitely aliens.

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Has to be. I mean, what possible other explanation could there be?