Cross country mountain bike race

While I am sitting here completely droneless for the time being I thought I may as well share one of my recent videos, this being from my second outing with the M3P.

The event is a cross country mountain bike race series that is hosted local to me. My daughter and myself both take part in our respective categories (both a long way from elite level!). Most of the race takes place within woodland so all my footage is limited to the parts of the course outside of the woods around the start/finish. This was also my first experience of flying within a FRZ, I must say that the ATC at Southend Airport were very helpful in arranging the permissions which was all very last minute!

This is actually the second video I made from this event. The first is far too long and tedious to watch for anyone that was not involved as it features some of every race from the day, from children’s all the way up to men’s and women’s elite cyclists.

This second version uses footage from only the men’s elite and youth categories, so is much shorter and snappier which is what I was hoping to achieve.