Crossfire tx/Rx glitches

What could be the cause of this problem. I’m seeing a very quick Rx signal drop out across all channels in betaflight

For TX I’ve got a frsky xlite with the external crossfire module

For RX I’ve got the crossfire nano which I’ve just soldered in (minus smart audio connection)

When hooked up to betafight I can see that every couple of seconds the inputs blip out and then come back even when everything is sitting quietly on the bench.

What are we talking here? It’s it shorting out somewhere? Or some sort of settings issue?

Thanks, because yes as ever, it’s doing my head in


Could this be a possible reason?

No don’t think it is that. I’m on EU frequency and open.

Maybe as a first step, update the firmware in both cross fire rx and tx and rebind to see if that sorts it?

Yes, watching that video made me realise I’ve not got the most recent crossfire agent… I’ll give that a go.

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