Crossfire weirdness

I think I’ve got a problem with my crossfire micro module on the back of my FrSky Xlite

Symptoms are: module happily binds and updates nanos on all my models but none of them register stick input.

I’ve updated all software via open TX for Xlite and agent X for crsfr modules, gone through all settings (including crsfr Rx&tx on channels 1&2) and config for crossfire on the models via betaflight and I’ve even checked out the harness attaching the micro to them Xlite to no avail.

I’m switching over to DJI for my larger models (as soon as vistas become available) but still will need crsfr for the smaller models so really want to get this sorted

I’ve spent MANY hours trying to sort this already, and I’ve convinced myself there’s something wrong with the Xlite and/or micro module, which is weird when binding and updating happens so unproblematically.

I’d really like to send off the Xlite to some kind soul who can diagnose for sure whether this or isn’t the problem… @Steviegeek @Nidge @notveryprettyboy @Wyntrblue , you guys have been so helpful in the past… Any chance you can have a squiz? I think even just to find if it can send stick input to one of your models…

Or if there’s something I’m missing…?

Sure I can take a look. Drop me a pm and we can sort this out

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I can’t add anything that is Crossfire specific but a similar symptom manifests with my Ghost system, whereby if I configure it in BF to use SBus but forget to configure SBUS Fast in the CLI.

You may find the issue in the CLI if you “get” the settings specific to Crossfire.