Crown Estate Foreshore & Hours of Darkness


Have done a search but can’t find anything on here regarding this particular question.

Reading the terms and conditions from the The Crown Estate it states:

So does this mean we can’t fly on The Crown Estate Foreshore and Estuaries during the hours of Darkness or am I missing something?

The full document, for others reference:

Yes, that’s exactly what it means :blush:


Does it? It’s a) or b) or c) for commercial purposes d).

Have to agree with @PingSpike I’m afraid. But if you ain’t caught doing it, or no one sees you, who will know?

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I suspect that goes for a lot of locations we fly in


Thank you all. Just seems random that its all OK just not when it’s dark?

Sorry to butt in. But I noticed this also recently. So checked the site Metal detecting and drone flying | The Crown Estate
And seems they grant permission if following the codes.

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At the end of the day, we’re (mostly) talking about the strip of land between high and low tides. Would this not be the old “can’t stop you flying over it” caveat, so just TOAL a foot above the high tide mark?

(I know they also have their inland properties, but they’d be a whole other kettle of fish anyway… the same as any private land)