Crystal Ultra?

I’m thinking of getting the Crystal Ultra but I’ve been put off by all the posts about overheating problems. Anyone had these problems?

Even the standard is well bright enough, amazing kit

I’ve been a CS Ultra owner for some time now and mine has never even got warm, never mind hot.

I think a dodgy batch were made. Early models were fine, as are later models, but there was definitely a batch in the middle that didn’t fare too well. These overheating ones also had backlight-failing issues. Definitely related. That said, the latest CS firmware release has a patch for overheating issues.

Out of interest, where are you planning on buying from?

Because there’s “rare as rocking horse shit”, then there’s CS Ultras in stock in the UK :rofl:

Where are you based @Rafter? If you’re in the north west you’re more than welcome to pop round for a brew and a butchers :+1:

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Thanks Rich, I’m in Preston, just up the road from you. Would love to have a look at your “Ultra” (if you pardon the expression!) Do you want to pm me your address? I’m very flexible on time and day, what with being an old git!

I have the ultra as well, no problems as of yet (touch wood)