CrystalSky 5.5" Screen for sale

Hi, I have a used twice 5.5" CyrstalSky screen available for sale. As new condition, fully boxed. Think it still has the plastic film on the screen. Selling in two options:

  1. CrystalSky Screen only (Fully Boxed inc battery) £400.00 Inc Delivery

  2. CrystalSky Screen + Mavmount 2.0 Holder to fit both Crystalsky and iPad Mini £450.00 inc Delivery

Can I ask how come you’re selling it?

Hi. I already have two iPads and the CrystalSky 7.85” one and my Mavic isn’t getting as much use as my other drones. My photography is getting busier, I do workshops and I want to put the cash towards some bits.

UPDATE Happy to sell the lot for £400 as my new lens has arrived.

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Now sold

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Nice one :smiley: