Crystalsky 7.85 monitor

Since I don’t use this anymore, I might as well see if it’s any use to anybody else.

7.85" DJI Crystalsky monitor, 1000 nit , very little use. I was going to use it when I took my GVC and for some commercial work (I bought 2 but I want to keep the other). Always used with my Inspire 1 or Phantom 4 Pro before I bought the Pro + controller.
Offer 1. Crystalsky with 1 battery and charger adaptor £300
Offer 2. Crystalsky with 2 batteries and charger adaptor £350 (these batteries are anything between £80 and £120 each on ebay)
Offer 3 Crystalsky with 2 batteries, charger adaptor, Crystalsky to P4 or Inspire controller adaptor and charger brick £400 (the controller adaptors normally fetch about £50 and the charger is another £10 - £20)
The charger is a Phantom 4 charger or Inspire 1 charger (it uses the fitting to charge the P4/Inspire controller)

The tape is just to hold the mounting screw to save me losing it.

This won’t run DJI Fly app, but you can load Litchi if you load Google App store and Play services.

If you want to fetch it, I’m in West Midlands, Walsall, not far from J10 M6 or the end of the M6 Toll, or I can post it no problem

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Hi John
Do they have HDMI input ?

Yes mate, on the side it’s got HDMI, USB, 2 SD card slots, mini USB and headphone jack.

Thanks for the quick answer John
Size is a bit too small for what I thinking, Thanks but (in true Dragons style) I’m OUT

Are you sure the HDMI has an input. I thought it was just output?

Dunno mate, I’ll check tomorrow, plug it into my computer upstairs see what happens.

If it helps guys, the CrystalSky HDMI port is output only, so you can cast to another device/screen. It doesn’t support HDMI-in.

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