CrystalSky 7.85 screen cover - Polar Pro [SOLD]

Selling my Polar Pro CrystalSky 7.85 screen cover, boxed, as new.

It’s literally only two weeks old!

This is made from some kind of strong rubber, rather than solid plastic. It fits with the DJI quick release bracket in place too.

Full details here:

As per usual, I got stung with delivery from USA and customs charges.

Let my loss be your savings :slight_smile:

£40 including free delivery :+1:


May I ask why your not using it?

I got a big spongy case from Father Christmas so this is now surplus to requirements :slight_smile:

Price reduced to £30 for a few days, will put on eBay at the weekend if no takers :+1:

Hello mate would you take £25

Hi @PaulE and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Thanks for the offer but with shipping costs from the USA and customs import duty fees to pay when it landed here in the UK, it stands me in at the best part of sixty quid :cry:

Wow sorry mate I didn’t realise, I will happily go £30 if that offer is still available.

Yup, nice one.

Sold :+1:

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Great Thanks mate , I’m a bit embarrassed I hope you didn’t think I was taking the mick with my other offer.
How do you want me to proceed and do the deal now.

Lol, nope, not in the slightest :smiley:

You have a DM :wink: