CrystalSky Ultra backlight problem

Well after 22 months of regular use of my Mavic and a 7.8 CrystalSky Ultra the dreaded backlight problem struck, my CS seemed to get hot as it always does but this time the screen went blank, luckily I was on my way home anyways so landed No Probs.

Forgive me if you already know all this but …

Having had the CS for quite a while I really am used to using the bright screen and will mis it but luckily I had the old faithful Samsung tablet with me so all was well.

If the same thing happens to any of you it is possible to use the device and click on the icons using a very bright torch light to see where your clicking as the screen is working normally its just you cant see it. Once at home I plugged it into my telly via HDMI to try re-sets and stuff which all failed so I thought it was going to be an expensive month but alas when I went on line to DJI and used the on line chat I was told that they have extended the CS Ultra waranty to 2 years and they would repair mine under guarantee.
Great news for me and anyone else with the problem. Im just waiting for my email with return label so I can send it off, I will lt you know what happens.


The same has been reported previously … My CrystalSky Ultra backlight finally failed 😭 (and subsequent repair)

Sorry to hear @PaulE but good news in that it’ll be repaired both quickly and FOC too :+1:t2: