CrystalSky Ultra Brightness - First impressions and observations

So I finally got my long-awaited CrystalSky Ultra Brightness and my first impressions? I’m in love already :star_struck:

This thing is bright beyond words. I set it up in the living room the other night where we have just a lamp stand on usually and even on the lowest setting this thing is so damned bright it was actually hurting my eyes in the low light conditions of the room at the time :open_mouth:

It has a light sensor on the front so adjusts its brightness automatically, or you can over ride the brightness with a manually slider bar on screen menu.

Coming from an iPad Mini 2, other first observations. Most noticeable was the weight. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly heavy, but it’s noticeably heavier than the iPad was. I fly with a MavMount so the balance is still good, but you’ll definitely need a lanyard for comfortable use.

And on the subject of mounts, I’ve replaced the fixed MavMount CS screws with thumbscrews to make it easier to mount, but I’m going to try and rig up a proper DJI quick release mount to the mavmount plate to make setup times much quicker - photos to follow when I pull this one off.

Battery life looks to be phenomenal too, after an hour or more of tinkering it was still showing +6hrs remaining. And it comes with two batteries too. Heads up for Mavic owners, you’ll need to buy a Phantom 4 charger to connect to the CS charging hub. I sold my standard Mavic charging hub and bought the Advanced Mavic hub, this accepts the P4 charger so I only need to carry one charger still. It also means the P4 100w charger will charge the Mavic batteries quicker than the original Mavic charger does.

Coming from the iPad the first thing I noticed was the CS uses ‘Here Maps’ (or ‘Here WeGo’ maps. The reason this was so obvious? My entire sodding borough is under cloud on their satellite map view. Yeah, thanks for that :roll_eyes:

Another immediately noticeable difference was on the GO4 menus, they’re opaque on the CS which means you can still see the camera view behind the menus. On iOS the menus are solid black and much easier to read / use.

There are two MicroSD slots on the CS but I can’t change where GO4 caches too (internal ram by default) so I’m not sure of the point of these just yet.

Now all I need is for Storm Brian to sod off with his stupid gale force winds and then I can actually trying flying with the CS :smiley:

Will also keep an eye out for any more differences between iOS and droid during normal use too :+1:


I’ve been using a MavMount from day one with my drones, I absolutely love them. It doesn’t matter to me that I can’t see the screen of the remote as everything the remote is telling me is also available in the GO4 app.

The balance sells it for me really.

Anyway, I bought the DJI quick release bracket for the Phantom remote and with the help of a single bolt and some serious Araldite I’ve attached the DJI bracket to the MavMount base plate.

There’s no going back from this now :slight_smile:

Anyway, priorities, it means I can be setup within seconds now, rather than minutes (using the old MavMount CS bracket and thumb-screw arrangement).

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Just bought the Mavmount and CS bracket from a MavicPilots member. I’ve got the 5.5" CS monitor and if I could get my hands on a 7.85" High Brightness for the standard price I’d get one - now whether I would go up in price for the Ultra High Brightness one - hmm, i don’t know:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Still doesn’t stop me from being jealous of you and yours!:wink:

Great job Rich, there’ll be no stopping you now! :smiley:

Apart from the sodding weather :roll_eyes: Still waiting for Storm Brian to disappear too!