Crystalsky Users - latest update (released 3 days ago)


Mavic Air compatibility
Pano with P4P
Fixed an issue that caused the fan to behave abnormaly in certain situations
Updated DJI GO 4 app to 4.2.4
Updated DJI Pilot app to 0.5.1
Updated DJI Goggles
Updated Mavic RC

I updated all of my kit yesterday. All went well, took some time, but haven’t had chance to test yet. Maybe later today as we’re supposed to be having some sun and light winds. On the forums people are reporting issues with offline maps and compass issues.

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Thanks for the heads up Barry!

I’m still a couple of versions behind, so I haven’t had the fan issues as I think they were introduced in the last/previous update? Did you have any fan problems on yours?

No problem Rich. I’ve never had the problem you mention on either of my CS.

Excellent and I have just bought the Crystalsky for my Spark and Air

Was speaking to a few people in the know in the drone world and said DJI were pulling the Ultra, due to massive backlight problems. This has now been confirmed by their website as its no longer in stock. I saw on some of the US sites that DJI care had requested people return them to them or their dealer.

The Ultra is still showing on the UK DJI store at £949 with delivery within 7-11 days after payment (which is a shorter time for delivery than either the 5.5" or the non-Ultra 7.85").

Trust me it’s under recall. @HobbyMounts will back me up.

They’re going to have to pry my Ultra from my cold dead hands :skull_and_crossbones:

Even then I’ll still fight them for it first!! :muscle:t2: :facepunch:t2:


Might be worth buying a couple of these as an investment… the price is likely to go through the roof again :smiley:

@SharkBait - I believe you. The numerous reports of the Ultras overheating and having the massive backlight issues meant that it was only a matter of time before something was done. I was only saying that they are still for sale on the U.K. DJI site.

Sorry dude I sounded a bit strong haha. Ye DJI have messed this one up again.

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