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I’m thinking of getting a Crystalsky but I’m getting confused about which lead to get to connect the rc to the monitor. I’'ve looked at the specs for the monitor and it mentions “mini usb” and “usb-c”.
I’m going to use a Polarpro holder, so it will be a direct connection between the rc and monitor.
Can anyone give me some info as to which lead to get and any links please.

Hi @Rafter

I bought two USB-C leads as I was playing around with different mounts at the time so bought different lengths.


Thanks for that, so the connection on the Crystalsky is definately usb-c.

Thanks @PingSpike, had a look at the links and decided to get them but I’m well and truly confused now! Rang Heliguy to order a Crystalsky and sales rep told me it’s a “mini usb” connection on the bottom of the monitor. I’m not using the DJI connector, just a straight connection twixt the rc and the monitor.


The RC has both micro (on left) and C (behind phone holders).
I’d assume best practice I’d using the C … more robust/practical.
Just remember to have nothing plugged into the micro, because this will prevent the controller connecting through the C.

The Mavic controller is USB-A on the bottom, the CrystalSky is USB-C on the bottom:

The cable(s) I linked to on Amazon are “USB-A to USB-C”, so the USB-A end goes in the bottom of the Mavic controller and the USB-C end goes in the bottom of the CrystalSky :+1: (therefore ideally suited for your PolarPro mount)

This is also a vital tip, best to remove that little cable completely :smiley:

What @PingSpike said. I’m crap with the USB alphabet. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I conveyed the concept tho? LOL

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What can I say? @PingSpike and @OzoneVibe have just gone to the top of my Christmas card list !!!
I think the confusion arose because I’ve always used the bottom port on the rc, with an android tablet and iPad, and forgot about the “mini usb” port on the left of the rc, so all this talk about “mini usb” and usb-c, I assumed was referring to the bottom port and I couldn’t understand how it could have two different types of connectors.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, it really is appreciated because my age, my grey cells are depleting at an alarming rate and all that I want to do is GO OUT AND FLY.

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