D!cking around, hungover

Today with Eugene @crapflyer.
Nothing spectacular. I had a banging hangover.
I did this edit cos of the tunes. Love this site:
I’m working on my split s’. Cos I’m pretty naff at them. But the more you plug away at it, the better you get. Eventually lol!


10/10,For keeping airborne,with a hangover!!nice one Karl!! :rofl: :rofl: :wink:


I second that


Cheers guys. Think I was a bit more relaxed with a headache!


Weirdly soothing, impressive with a hangover !

I must ask why you didn’t use that very comfy looking seat behind where you were flying from :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I was waiting for it to build up to the usual noise you listen to ;o)

Have you got any good sites for ‘my’ type of royalty free music Chris?

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Weird thing is, it’s the first time I didn’t have whiskey on a Friday night. Just bottled beer. I’m ok with whiskey :laughing:

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I’ve not come across any Karl, maybe look for a local band or some kids willing to let you use theirs ?

No. What? Kids? Shall I give em sweets or something? :grin: An “internet” site. On computers.
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The one thing that keeps me sober of a weekend is if I’m planning a flight… After a couple of attempts at flying drunk I ain’t gonna be repeating it! Even one glass throws a chunky spanner in the works…