Damaged balance plug

Took the Nazgul up for maiden flight today and it came back with a bit of damage.

The battery strap appears to have gotten caught on a prop and the balance plug was sheared off by a prop.

The battery is brand new so I’d like to repair it.
I’d guess it’s as simple as getting a new plug?

Has anyone else had this misfortune?

Double up on your battery strap. And tuck your balance plug behind the 2nd strap.

It is as simple as getting a new plug but you need to make 100% sure you get the wires in the correct order.

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Thought so but didn’t want to end up in flames.

Ps. The power is pretty cool on the Nazgul


And during the process of fitting the new plastic housing you don’t let the terminals touch each over
Things get rather interesting if they do :laughing:
Personally I swap them over one at a time which keeps the order and the isolation
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


I suspected it would have some “nice”consequences if I wasn’t careful.

I wrapped em up in electrical tape for now and will repair tomorrow when the plugs arrive from amazon.

Gotta fix as there seems to be a shortage of decent batteries at the min.

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Not at the minute. Always… :rofl:

Managed to find a couple of 4s and thought I’d get a 6s too


Yes, twice in one day!! Dohhh!

I bought some balance plugs with leads from Amazon. 10 for 8 quid.

I also bought elastic bands and used them on the batteries to hold down the balance leads during flight

It was a steep learning curve but I can safely say I consider the balance leads every flight now.

And I can repair one worst case.

Rubber band idea is good! Like that