Dan from London

Hello :slight_smile:

My name is Dan and I’m a web developer, currently living in East London.

I used to do photography and virtual tours for a living, but that was many years ago back in Poland, where I come from.
I just got back to drones after 5 years, I bought a Mavic Mini 2 two days ago and I immediately took it for a little spin here in Hackney Wick. I hope you like the picture :slight_smile:

I’d like to learn more about videography, as I’m a complete noob to this.

On the other hand I believe to be pretty good with photography and Photoshop, so if you guys need any help with retouching images, I’d be glad to help!

This is my first image after 5 years of not flying a drone…



Witamy Dan, that’s not a bad (re) start.

The Mini 2 is a very capable beast indeed.

Thanks Chris!
I did the research before I bought it and I heard it was good, but honestly I didn’t expect it to be this good. Especially after my experience with the Inspire One (which I had some years ago).
I would even say that the camera is the same or even better on the Mini 2.

Hi Dan - welcome to GADC - enjoy the club.

Great pano :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks John!
Your Irish Wolfhound looks great on the profile picture :slight_smile:
Have you tried teaching him how to fly?

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Welcome, great to see another Londoner on here. Your neck of the woods always produces some stunning shots of London - mix of bustling city / quiet residential areas…excellent pictures…am guessing despite you being away from the scene for 5yrs, for you it’s clearly like riding a bike - i.e one never forgets lol


Hi there!

Dan, that’s a very nice pano!

I have a very similar background. I used to do drone shootings for the CGI purposes with a Phantom 3Pro in past. I’ve recently got my Mini2 and aiming to practice as much as possible after completing the A2 CofC course. After 5 years It’s amazing to see how It’s popular and I am very happy to be in this forum.

Ali- Manchester.

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