Dave in Andover

Hi all, I’m Dave.

Happy that I have found a UK based drone forum at last !

I am just about retired now, had enough of years of the Model Engineering hobby,
am now selling it all and have decided to play with the drones hobby instead.

Just over two months ago I purchased a Mavic Pro fly more,
I thought that if I was going to have a drone, it had better be a good one that lasts.

Of course it immediately slashed down with rain and storms for two solid weeks after the drone arrived.
I put the Mavic on the window ledge, looking out of the window like a bird trapped in a cage just
waiting to escape.
It was a useful time for me to twiddle with the camera settings to try to learn how it all works.

I live in central Andover, but just outside my window is a nine Acre field,
a dead quiet place called a cemetery.

Not many people walk through there during the week-days,
and so I have adopted the cemetery as my own flying practice place,
it even has a very convenient park bench seat in the centre.

Never flown a drone before, had some scary frightening moments using the controller sticks,
too many very tall trees around.
Especially when I lost all signal when the Mavic went behind the church !
Saved by the return to home function.

I am now using the Litchi software, which is much safer.
I can import the flight file into Google Earth first, to check for any unseen height above ground disasters that might happen.

I have an Apple I-Pad mini 4 connected to the controller, much larger screen than an I-phone,
don’t understand how anyone can see what is going on with a small phone screen.

These last two weeks have been mostly warm and sunny, and so I have flown two short missions to try out the Litchi program.
Put them on youtube, video quality is not great, must be some codec issues.


Fortunately, I am just outside the no-fly zones of Salisbury Plain military area, Boscome Down
and Thruxton airfields.
Stonehenge is not far away, but it is sad that a lot of Wiltshire’s ancient sites are well inside these zones.

Now I have been thrown into learning how to do video editing, from scratch,
this is a bit of a struggle at the moment.


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Hi there @opochka and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Great intro!

Yup, sods law eh? I think that’s happened to us all :rofl:

I may be ever so slightly biased, but great choice of drone!

Dave, if you’ve not seen it yet, check out our interactive map of places to fly:

And feel free to add to it :+1:

Curiously, you omit to mention Middle Wallop, and the solar farm falls within their airspace.
And, as you are probably aware, Middle Wallop is (I believe, still) an area of intense military helicopter activity, with Lynx, Gazelle, Bell 212 and Apache helicopters, with 7 Regiment Army Air Corps conducting Aircrew training on these … which includes flying pretty low…

I’m guessing that during that flight, in particular, you were not able to maintain visual contact with your MP?
You might want to check http://dronesafe.uk/drone-code/ , too.

Fly safe! :+1:

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Middle Wallop helicopter airfield is at least five miles from the Solar farm, it is outside
the limits.

I wanted to fly over the nearby ancient Bury Hill fort, 51.190000,-1.505200
but that is within the restrictions areas.

Visual contact at 2.3 Km … Only with the Hubble Telescope …:smile:

Hey Dave,

I think this was a different solar farm in Andover to yours?

Thos was taken on Boxing Day when no military helicopters were flying to the Army HQ, but any other time there are regular low flying helicopters, so I wouldn’t fly here anywhen else.

Also flew over the town centre on Christmas Day when there was no-one around.

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Yes … Your solar farm is at red post, Weyhill.
It is exactly 4,000 metres from me, I thought about trying a direct flight there and back, with Litchi,
there is pushing yer luck, and REALLY pushing yer luck :hugs:

So, I decided to go to the other solar farm to the south, it is only 2,000 metres away !

Welcome Dave nice vids, welcome to a fantastic hobby!

I’d just echo @OzoneVibe about making sure you’re aware of the drone code. The first thing I noticed watching your cracking vid was the take off in built up (congested?) area and flight way out beyond 500m.

I’m no kill joy, but I have heard the CAA occasionally take a look on you tube on the look out for transgressions so just be aware! Don’t wanna dampen your enthusiasm :wink:



Yep Glenn, since joining this nice friendly drone site and reading up on the drone code,
I no longer fly over housing estates and built up areas.
Too risky.

I now restrict my flying to only the Top Secret MOD sites and major airports … :grin: :grin: :grin:

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So it was you at Gatwick :rofl:


Nah - Andover to Gatwick by Litchi is probably stretching it. :wink:


Always keep a cheap “burner” drone in bag so you claim it wasn’t you flying!!!


Until Litchi brings it back and it’s hovering 6ft away from you waiting to be landed.
“Well, officer …. that’s a massive coincidence, eh?”