Decided to build a drone

I keep seeing people’s builds and there fpv vids and am now convinced the challenge is appealing, I love the idea of the fpv side but it’s the challenge of building it myself, instead of it all being handed on a plate ready built.
( always built my own computers as well)
So I’m going to have a go at building one.
Can any of you guys guide me to any good links on self builds and best places for components, I would rather get it right with the right components and not end up throwing things away because of wrong component choice and bad YouTube vids there’s enough of them floating around.
Would appreciate your expertise.


Over to James @anon34183503

This is a great resource Rob. Some of it may be slightly out of date (by weeks, not years lol), but the core ideas are all here. Have a read and fire away with questions.


Some light reading for today then :rofl:
Thank you Karl it looks like a good start.

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I built my own racing drone, most of the parts came from Banggood.!
Also this might be helpful.



hi Rob.

It’s difficult to advise on what to get but assuming you have nothing at all. First thing to get is a transmitter and a sim. Then while you practise the actual flying of a quad you can start looking at building.

I find it’s best to consider the build based off the frame you like. For a starter frame I recommend the tbs source one 5” frame. It’s super cheep and well regarded.

What sort of budget do you have?

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That is one outstanding instruction set for a project !!! Ive never built one but with that level of explanation I might well give it a go. Well done on putting that one up @notveryprettyboy :+1:

I’ve literally been going thru this process due the past year, and can heartily recommend the tbs source 1 kit from unmanned tech. (although it’s usually out of stock)

If you’ve not down fpv before then a few weeks on the sim is good, I used velocidrone.

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I’m used to flying them and using sims, just sold my M2P.
As to building one that’s a new one for me! Hence the question so I get it right.
Will wade through what @notveryprettyboy and @Johnnyflyguy sent me and go from there, thanks :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can’t argue with that. Having written a full review on the kit it is an utter tank and my go to test bed for new things!

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Hi Rob,
This may help you…

“I’m going to show you every single step of how to build this $120 FPV Drone. This is my complete beginner guide, with all the steps, and all the background information you need to know. Don’t think of this as just a how-to guide. I want it to be a complete introductory course to teach you the things you need to know to build FPV drones.”

Purchase the Eachine Tyro119 at: * Banggood -
The Tyro129 is the exact same quad but with 7" props. If you’re interested more in cruising and less in freestyle or racing, the 129 may be a better choice. * Banggood -

Steve :slightly_smiling_face: