Decontructing a Hangar image


Source image from :Hangar 360 from Seahouses Harbour :+1:

Here’s what Hangar sends to my browser. Probably not in this order though :blush:

This was a painstakingly slow process to pull apart - not sure if it’s of use or interest, just throwing it out there for discussion!



Those don’t have any discernible overlap, so won’t re-stitch.


Not having had Hangar 360, I’d not taken much notice of @RaRaRasputin’s last update to : Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To : where, on Hanger v1, he outlined how one could extract the 2:1 sphere projection.

Earlier, though, @milkmanchris wasn’t able to achieve this on v2.

So, for v1, this rather cancels recent beliefs/comments that the Hangar pano couldn’t be extracted … just need to find out how it can be retrieved on v2.

“just” :wink:


PS: We need a new category … “Panomania!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Alas now looks like Hangar use a cube for their 360’s with the image(s) chopped in to pieces.

Not going to be easy to re-assemble the 360 equirectangular image from this now.


Ah - that’s what I feared from those images above. :frowning:
Thanks for lending your knowledge to the problem. :+1: