Deenthorpe WWII Airfield,a new housing estate

Out of the blue I got a call from a gentleman I don’t know, he explained that someone had mentioned my name in a meeting.
The meeting was a discussion on how and what will be a final tribute before the airfield is turned into a housing estate.
The airfield is in use by private aircraft and microlights, it was quite sad to hear the twinge of emotion in his voice as he reflected on the history and of lives given from this very ground.
I wonder how many of the new residents will even bother to read the memorial.
The call was to ask me if I’d be willing to do some aerial video of the parade, which will include the local mayor and some aircraft.
I will obviously not take payment for it; it will be my tribute in memory of those innocent souls thrust into the mire of war.


Wow, great call to recieve!

Be sure to keep us posted :smiley:

I will.
I hope I can do it justice though, l’ve got 4 batteries so I just get as much footage as I can.

Maybe if you put the word out some other members in your area might be able to help out with their drones so you could really do the event justice.

Great to hear of a really practical and worthwhile use of drone photography.

@Londroner I’ve asked one of my flying buddies if he is available, he said he’ll let me know closer to the day.

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Good deal. Hope the project goes well.

:cry: rain right throughout the event, too wet to risk.

There was a good turn out of military vehicles of the period, maybe 80 vehicles. Some had traveled a long way for the event and the people I spoke with were all looking forward to a Drone in the Air.

Standing there in the rain on the runway the 2 minutes of silence was for me only a vocal silence, but my mind was not silent in salutations of the fallen heroes.

Those heroes whose voice we will never hear with our physical ears but whose voice we can all hear if we stand still and be still and listen with our :broken_heart:

So I salute not only the fallen but also those in active military service today.


Hear, hear.

Well said that man :+1: