Deganwy and Conwy river

Deganwy and a bit of the Conway river, nice little spot just half a mile off the A55, if you blink while driving through to Llandudno, you’ll miss it! But it’s worth a stop at the small beach or prom. Nice ‘n’ chilled :+1:

@D0c.Col. Here’s the vid from the footage I took which I mentioned. It was a lovely day, nice to get away from Llandudno around the corner for an afternoon. Lovely place to retire, so I’m told…


@Leylo1971 Awsome video Ady, puts mine to shame :rofl:. Didn’t realise Conwy marina was other side of the river until later on. I was only there to take the comp photo and didn’t want to use up my batteries for later subjects. Even so not got the skill set or bottle to do the shots you did well done enjoyed it a lot… and your right it’s a lovely peaceful and timeless place to vist.:+1:

@Leylo1971 i love the smooth curves you film, sweeping round following the path your eyes naturally seem to want to go. A great video.

Haha, a lot of its just down to bloody luck and taking excess amounts of footage I think🤣.
Nice one for the comment, always appreciated :+1:

Thanks Colin​:+1:. Don’t put your own vid down mate, it was sound, and a lot of what my vid shows really was done in post, yeah you have to have shots first, I actually take a shed load of shots, from different angles, never have a plan and hope it comes together, in post :rofl::rofl:.
The vid actually started out as Conwy Castle but I had that much footage, I’ve split in 2😂…that’s next maybe.
Thanks again mate, theres no envy coming from my direction as to where abouts you live… :unamused::joy:

Haha. Another half hour up the road to the nearest decent beach! :diving_mask::nauseated_face::joy:. Still Peak District just up the road and lots of trails to do yet :person_climbing: :rofl:

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Yeah mate, your not in a bad place, there’s all kinds just a stones throw away. Not to mention our favourite hang out… Anglesey :grin:. Ya can’t beat it​:+1: