Departing to the UK next week

Hi everyone,

Preparing my trip to the UK, visiting London, Oxford, Bovington, Poole, Scotland and surrounding areas starting next week. Got my operator ID, flyer id and excited with some great information from this Grey Arrows Drone Club! Extremely helpful and enjoyable to read your stories.

I’m a drone enthusiast since 2016, flying initially phantom 4 than mavic pro and now recently the new mavic mini 3 pro.

some of my videos (from Brazil actually) can be seen at

Looking for eventually meeting some of you around UK.

Kind regards,
Evaldo Lavos


Hope you enioy your stay. If you post where you will be maybe people can make the time to come and meet you.
You have some amazing scenery back in Brazil. But here in the UK we have the best.:grin::grin:


Hi Elavdo - welcome to GADC - have a great visit :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I see that you are visiting Bovington. Well worth spending the entire day there if you have an interest in armoured vehicles.

And you cab find out about where you can and can’t fly (and see recommendations for places people have flown) with our very own Drone Scene:

From the FPV Handbook

Drone Assist and both offer detailed maps showing important data - such
as FRZs and NOTAMS and a lot more besides. It is important to check these before you fly.
You may find that is more suitable on a computer at home, and Drone
Assist is more suitable on a mobile device at the field.

And, if you look at Drone Scene via your browser on a tablet or phone you can always add the icon as a shortcut on your home screen.

Have fun, fly safe and keep us informed of your travels :slight_smile:


Iof all the random places to go, Bovingdon. There can’t be many people in the UK who know where it is! Have a great trip

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Are you from anywhere near Florianópolis?


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Enjoy your visit Elvado!

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Dear @stevesb,

Today I did my very first flight here in the UK, thanks to this community! My flight was around the RMS Britannia, north of Edinburg. I got the tips from other members who visited that spot before and explained the best location to take off and the best path to fly.

Tomorrow I will be around the highlands and Inverness. Hopefully I can get a close to Nessie! :slight_smile:

Will send the videos and picture later this month, with (hopefully) great footages from other cities from UK.

Thanks and regar



Thank you @macspite!

Today I did my first fly north of Edinburg! Tomorrow highlands and Inverness. Will upload the videos as photos as soon as I can. Thanks a lot for this great community!

Thanks and regards,


Hi @patcarty2,

I’m from Sao Paulo, something like 700 km from Florianopolis. Do you know Florianopolis? That is a good city to visit in brazil!

Thanks and Regards,

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Good to hear that you have arrived Evaldo, Have fun with Nessie!

Happy you have arrived safely and have managed to get your first flight.
Enjoy the Highlands they are stunning.
We look forward to seeing your photos and videos

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I do have a friend there. My plan is to go via Sao Paulo. Stop the night at the airport. Then fly south to Florianopolis.

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Enjoy your stay! Please let me know if you need any help!

Hi @elavos good to see you’re enjoying your trip. Where are you now and where is next on your list?


Hi Darren,

Today I am visiting Poole where I looking to make a video at the bay and in the next few days I am planning to stop by Southampton then concluding my trip and returning home.

This has been an incredible journey with a few hours of footage I will need to edit and hopefully soon post, from Edinburg, Inverness, Glencoe, Oxford, and now these cities in the south.

Thanks and regards,

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