Derby Canal series - Swarkestone to Infinity park footbridge by drone | DJI Mini2 | 4K

Next section in my massive project of flying the old canal route which is being restored. I’ve also included footage of my 360 degree Google Street view photography allowing exploration at ground level.
Again some challenges on this section as we have the A50 so I flew under it and lots of Trees so had to do it in lots of sections and join them together hence the jump cuts.
I try and do all my survey flights of this canal at 200 foot as that gives you a good overall view of the original canals route and its setting while being above all trees and Pylons and hopefully most birds too !



Interesting mate, I grow up around there and can remember the canal path before the path was put in and houses built …

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Thanks, oh wow. Before the A50 went in?

Yep the canal path used to be a mud track that went through the trees, I used to cycle it to the canal to go fishing as a boy …

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nice, what years we talking?
I was trying to work out what this culvert is near the Cuttle brook footbridge. It seems to be on the same level as the canal and goes across to the brook.
My 360 street view photo…

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Mmmm around 82 to 85, as for the culvert I think I’m right in saying it is/was just up from the bridge on the right hand side.

What it was used for I have no idea, maybe some kind of overflow. I do remember that particular area due to there being loads of the old fashioned bottles ( the ones with the glass marble in the top) which we found fascinating as kids…

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yes that culvert seems to allow water from the Derby canal into the brook next to it. yes its near the footbridge.
Ah yes bottle digging, and ya try and tell kids today, they dont know their born :slight_smile: