Derwent edge Derbyshire

The Millstone Grit forms the edge of the high peat plateau on the eastern side of the valley above Ladybower Reservoir the edges being the last remains of the gritstone which originally covered all of the Peak District, most of which was scraped off by glaciers in the last ice age.

The Edge itself is notable for its unusual gritstone and its views of the Derwent Valley and the Dark Peak landscape; these features along with its proximity to Sheffield have made it a popular venue for walkers. Its popularity has led to substantial path erosion and the most affected parts of the edge between The Salt Cellar and Lost Lad Hillend have been paved with natural stone slabs to reduce further damage as part of the Lottery Paths Project.

Youir thoughts are always greatful
this video was edited and created today from some of the masses of stock footage i have of the area.


Stunning yet again mate :ok_hand:

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Nice’n’steady, lovely scenery

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Great footage mate well done👍

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cheers buddy ! you dont have to struggle to get great shots up there well if the wind isnt blowing that is ! ive measured 50 mph winds on that ridge and is a scary place to be.

i just keep rolling with the punches mate

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That was the view in the oposite direction looking toward the a57

it was really hard getting the light right as it had a mist that was intensifying the sun


Love it, so jealous! Don’t have scenery like that around me :pensive:

come up and we will make a day of it !

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Best part of a 5 hour drive :grimacing:

really bloody hell i can fly to greece quicker ? it would be worth it though :grin:

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Love the vid man. Also a good choice of tune too. Matches up together pretty well. :+1:


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Thanks buddy ! I love your hashtag too ! Best thing about drone flight and creating videos is you can free style or you can follow the perfect cinematographers view of filmmaking ! I plan a route and film it then cut it together afterwards ! Needless to say I’m far from a purist


It excites me, the thought of video editing. I used to dabble a bit many a year ago helping my dad edit wedding videos for his sideline and really enjoyed it. I’ve got grand plans in my head but its purely making the time so I’ve found that I’ve stuck with photos since getting my M2P 14 months ago.

It is 1 of my NY resolutions. :wink: Theres some fab vids on here that give loads of inspiration and only spur me on more. Just like the 2 you’ve uploaded on this thread :+1:

ive been video editing for about 7 years but always learning new tricks. Whilst i love to use filmora there are plenty of other editors on the market some free some very expesive like your high end adobe software and sony vegas to name a few. the subject matter and colours are everything to me especially love sunrise and sunset colours.

like the video below. My problem is i dont get out enough my favourite subject matter is without doubt scenery. video was shot at 5 am and could barely focus my eyes when i shot the video lol your there make the most of what you have


:heart_eyes: nuff said :heart_eyes:

Wow. what a perfect setting that was. :clap: Spot on.

Its pretty simply isnt it? as you have suggested, just get outhere and shoot :+1:

I hurriedly purchased Cyberlink Powerdirector when I got my M2P at the end of 2018 and havent touched it although given what I know now, I wont be using it either. I rather get to learning an editor thats in use by other members here than cut my teeth on some software that Id only end up casting aside.

I’ll be adding Filmora to that list.

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That’s a good piece of software and can bet it wasn’t cheap ! They key is just get out and play with the drone ! Decent size sd card and keep it running whilst airborne change settings as you go along. If you need to ! When you land I take out the card and put another card in ! So if anything does happen you have some footage !

I downloaded filmora today on the fact that @mockingbird71 uses it, Rich has been very helpful helping me set things up with transitions and LUTs.

Have to say it’s a good platform, I usually use Davinci Resolve 16 which don’t get me wrong is pretty good, but can be complicated also found it can have a strain on your PC. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Filmora has everything you need to make awesome creations as we can see from @mockingbird71 collection. Looking forward to my next project on this platform.


I like the layout simple and intuitive ! There’s plenty of scope to grow ones knowledge on the application too !