Devon based Photographer taking to the air!

Hi Everyone,

I guess this should have been my first post but alas here it is now.

My name is Paul, I am a professional photographer based in gorgeous Devon.
I usually take photos of models but decided to invest in a drone and try my hand at capturing some of the beautiful devon countryside.

Enjoying it loads at the moment. Obviously the challenges of flying over Dartmoor are on my list, but I have a plan.

I am bit pants when it comes to forums but I’ll do my best to stay, ‘current’.

Cheers people



Again - welcome to GADC!

Brilliantly photogenic part of the world where you live! I look forward to your future photo posts.

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Hello and welcome Paul

Hi Paul
Enjoy your stay and don’t be afraid to ask any questions or comment
We all sometimes need to comment or rant …

Models you say!
Welcome to the forum


Thanks everyone!
I look forward to reading threads and sewing comments (see what I did there?)

Hoping that as time goes my drone photography and video skills will improve too :slight_smile:

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Airfix :rofl:

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On behalf of all the blokes here I think we need photographic evidence to prove me wrong @pauldsmart :thinking: :wink: :grin:

There maybe one or two NSFW photos so be warned :wink:

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I can confirm there are no Airfix models on the link :wink: :laughing:

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Yeah, i’ll confirm that Richard!
Just had to double check that you had not made a mistake !.


Don’t know why but I fancy a game of cards…



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You might want to check out his Flickr account as well just to make sure :wink:

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My Flickr accounts got one or two edduucational photos


But we don’t know it.

Use my real name to search

whats your real name???

Jeff Rix

There are four users on flickr called Jeff Rix…
One has no photos… one has one photo only… definitely NOT safe for work!.. and the other two… proper accounts… which is yours? lolk