Did I do the right thing?

Hello everyone, i’m new here. I just wanted to ask the community their views on this as I’m really struggling inside.

I am on holiday with my family to the lovely Welsh coast. We went to a wonderful beach called Barafundle bay. The climb was epic for us but due to the reviews online and pictures posted we cough* I had to check it out.

I bought my drone Mavic Air, when we got to the beach it was better than I expected, there were around 20 or so people so not that many. I got the drone out and yes… I do follow the law, and it said restricted air space (as the land is a national trust area) it said, click ok to fly. I felt my conscience kick in and powered down. The view was awesome and the walk just to get there was breathtaking. Got back to the hotel NO FOOTAGE and feeling a bit dejected.

After an hour I went online and what did I see, several drone videos of the area I was in.

Should I have flown ? Or did I do the right thing?

We leave tomorrow and I’m tempted to wake up early and go at 5am to catch it.


Many thanks
Too many gadgets.

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I’ve checked DJI’s NFZs, NFD, AirMap app and NATS Drone Assist app.

Zoomed in on that beach, I don’t see any reasons not to fly there. (There are Danger Zones nearby … check their positions on NFD.)

If it’s National Trust, as you say, this will not be showing as restricted air space - they only own the land, not the airspace above it. They do have a blanket ban at all their locations for taking off and landing.

So - check the limit of their property and try and find somewhere they don’t own that’s close enough and from which you’re comfortable taking off from.

As a last resort - The Crown owns the land between the high and low water marks, and you can take off from there. Not ideal if the beach is busy, but you might be lucky if you are comfortable with that.

I’ve looked at Google Maps … it does look like somewhere I’d really want to fly myself. I feel your frustration.


I had forgotten that Dave, useful info to store in the memory bank :wink:


I’ve yet to use that “loophole” … and almost want to go to some NT/EH beach and use it … with one of their guys telling me “it’s not allowed”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I wouldn’t really fly just to cause a confrontation …. )



At first it’s a bit daunting finding somewhere to legally fly.
Your taking in all this information and trying to make a good decision.
It gets easier as you go when you learn what advice is law, guidelines or just plain wrong.

The go 4 app doesn’t help sometimes flashing up class d airspace warnings and the likes which are hardly relevant.

You missed this one, but you acted responsibly, with not knowing the full picture and erring on the side of caution.

There’s plenty more great shots to be had. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Thanks Brian for the reply. Yes the DJI app was flashing warnings galore. Being new, I tend to read as much as possible and do my research prior. I have the Airmap app and I thought I was ok. The views were stunning. So as I said, just really gutted I didn’t fly. To top it off I’m not a fan of heights but really wanted to go.

Check out the footage of the area someone filmed, really lovely place


It’s our last day tomorrow and it’s chucking it down today. Gutted.


Thanks Callum, yeah I appreciate you saying that. I’ve just watched this video https://youtu.be/StdofT4JWkY

I’m going to have to put it on the bucket list.

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I might have to put it on the “bucket and spade” list. Looks beautiful!

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Beautifully place.

I need to spend more time travelling the UK!

Visited over 15 countries and ashamed to say I’ve never set foot in Wales and my experience of southern England was limited to catching a ferry at Dover.


A bit the same … tho more countries visited. Scotland only a couple of times and never just touring/holidaying, Wales a bit similar, though several times paragliding, Ireland never.

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Well Calum if your up for it when you get that expensive camera with wings give me a shout am up for a road trip anywhere as a few peeps on here are aware @chrisjohnbaker @mickydd @Yorksnproud will back up

Perhaps do a video for the forum of your resent purchase

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Oh and welcome to the forum hope you enjoy your new toy and please don’t be afraid of flying


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Might just do that at some point Jeff. Cheers

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone with their tips and advice. I’ve taken Jeffs advice to get out there and fly more, so before we hit the motorway back to reality it’s one more beach visit and this time I’m definetly getting some shots in the can. Fingers crossed the weather plays ball.


What else is there?


Hope you have luck with the weather
It’s raining here :weary::weary::weary::weary:

Just an addon comment from me, but that “restricted airspace” message can flash up quite a bit and scare you from taking off. However, as all the PfCo folk will tell you from their training, you really need to think in 3D. Often the restrictions don’t start until a certain height, usually well above any height you will legally fly your drone. So while it may be restricted above you from a certain height, you might be totally legal flying below that height in same location. Only the air maps really show this well. I’ve never understood how the local by laws can restrict drone flights when they don’t own the air space. Legally you’re no different from a light aircraft, and the NT cannot stop a Cessna flying over their land.


Barafundle Bay is a tricky one as it’s slap bang in the middle of the Stackpole Estate, all of which is NT - and it would be a fair flight to get there if you abide by the rules and didn’t take off from NT land. The Crown Estate high/low water marks is the only way you could do it I think, or from a boat! On the same estate are the Bosherston Lily Ponds which I always think would look good from above.

But, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is drone friendly - was chatting to one of their Rangers at Manorbier a couple of weeks ago - so there are loads of other stunning locations - but we had (and nearly always do have when there) miserable weather too.

But when the weather’s nice, even the busy beaches, like Whitesands Bay near St Davids, are rarely crowded…


Sometimes the best time to fly, in my experience.
No People to bother you, the beach to yourself, what more could you want!.


Will keep this saved :stuck_out_tongue: