Difference between live feed and captured picture on DJI Inspire 1

I have an inspire 1 v2.0. I have noticed while taking pictures that the picture take is completely different to what I was seeing on my screen. I was first using a Samsung galaxy s20 plus then tried a 7.5 inch amazon tablet. Does anyone know if or how to change the setting to get both to match.

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We’re going to need to see some examples of what you saw on the screen vs what you actually took a photo of please.

Or is it the case that the video feed on your screen is simply lagging behind what the camera took?

Again, we could be here all day guessing random unrelated stuff so please do upload some examples so we can see what you mean :slight_smile:

The first picture is a screenshot of what was on screen the second one is what was actually taken.

The pictures are of the same thing? I’m not sure I understand the issue.

I was expecting one to be at a crazy angle or of a completely different view or something (as your first post suggested).

Are you referring to the lighting differences between the two pictures? :thinking:

Which camera and lens did you take this picture with?

Sorry yeah it’s the light difference. It was taken with the zenmuse z3. I think the tablet and phone is adjusting the light balance to make the pictures look good compared to how they actually turn out.

Are you shooting in RAW or jpg?

Manual or auto?

If jpg what settings are you using?

The two pictures above with shoot both raw and jpeg with shutter priority.

Would the combination of and ND filter and shooting in shutter priority cause the under exposior looking images.

From what I understand you are seeing the top image on your tablet however when you have taken the picture the end result is the bottom image.

Your picture:

I couldn’t do much as your *.jpg has a blown out sky but a quick play with levels n GIMP brought this:

So then spent a couple of minutes playing with colour temperature and contrast:

What style do you have the camera set as? You can set an X3 , Z3 or an X5 to style in the DJI GO app:

and there are other settings including colour which may affect the end result:

And shooting in RAW (DNG) is a pain as you need to edit/process the picture before it can be published but gives you far more latitude when it comes to blown highlights or deep shadows

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I didn’t know there was so many settings. I am shooting in single shot standard style with auto white balance in jpeg +DNG. I think I need to have a proper play round with all the settings.