Digital FPV.....DJI vs HDZero vs Orqa.. vs Fat Shark HD...?

Exactly this, they know HDZero will be releasing their new goggle soon and wanted to let everyone know that their system is being developed before everyone buys the HDZero goggles. Its clearly not anywhere near ready yet and probably wont be in 2 months time either lol

When I was watching the JB video and he mentioned the goggles arent ready yet and won’t be for some time, this was the first thing that popped into my head.
Given various reactions to the launch and the whole DJI dilemma, this could backfire on them if they don’t manage things properly now.

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They did…

Because people were watching old analog TV on them and they showed up all the bad in that.

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I doubt it will backfire on them. To be honest most people dont give a rats ass who made the tech as long as its solid and reliable (which we dont know yet). Its only the DJI haters that really care if DJI are involved or not. Like everything on the internet people jump on a conspiracy but at the end of the day, if its as good as promised, they will buy it and fly it lol

Infact if you look at any fb group right now its all anyone is talking about, if they wanted people to know about their new system they have definitely achieved this lol
Even all the HDZero groups (probably the biggest rival right now) are plastered with ‘Fatshark HD Goggle System’ posts. Talk about free publicity :laughing: Now all they have to do is deliver on the goods

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You know what though… It’s actually got me considering putting down a pre-order for an HDZero VRX, etc… which I’d been putting off and putting off…

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Thats great Richard, youll love it! Especially as you fly whoops etc too. Definitely the best option for your flying I think :+1:t2: Although are you not interested in what the HDZero goggle will offer?

I am… though I already have a very nice set of EV300Os and Brendan has Skyzone 04Ls…

My thinking is that if I decide I want to get the goggles, I can do and then one of those sets becomes a spare or is sold… Meanwhile the VRX is useful on the second set… You see we share drones and controller (only because only mine has the ELRS module)… we need two sets of HDZero… To be fair that’s one reason this is taking so long for me to decide. You have to double the cost!

Also the sharing and our different eyes is another reason that a broadcast protocol is kind of essential.

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Yeah sounds perfect for your situation :ok_hand:t2: Although if you can wait a little longer, when the HDZero goggles come out there will be lots of good quality secondhand VRX’s on the market along with HDO2 and Sky04X goggles too I reckon. Might help cut the cost a little

Yeah, but I don’t need actually need goggles… both the goggles I’ve got are already up there almost at the same level as those.

Well, whether it backfires bc of the DJI dilemma or something else was merely speculation based on some reactions I’ve seen and also things that tend to happen in competitive markets.

Regardless, I’m looking forward for the advancement of HD tech for FPV, things are just starting to lean more towards digital now…

Goggles are very expensive as it is, more than they should be in my opinion, and not having options to plug a module from a different system is a big letdown for me. Companies greed tend to ruin things a bit, if they were to take a more open approach and be just a bit more collaborative between themselves, things would be better for everyone.

I’m looking forward to this actually. Will be keeping an eye out for sure, but unless a lot of people completely switch all their gear to the new system (FS), I don’t expect that many used goggles to be sold…

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Video up at Harborough Rocks today on my new analogue 5" was so beautiful that i wondered why I could possibly need HD at all…

Heh I’ve been listening to a few of the long interviews with Carl at HDZero today. I will definitely wait for the goggles, but am leaning that way. Interesting that they want to drop frame rate for better penetration when it drops a bit. And what a guy tbh.

Still will hold off a bit longer probably next season tbh!

After today’s flying I realised that the place I really want HD isn’t on my bigger quads. The analogue VTXes on those are great.

The chaos 600mW one from unmannedtech is on the new build and works brilliantly for a £14 VTX. TheFPV Chaos Mini VTX 600mW 20×20 (MMCX and UFL, Smart Audio) – Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

Its actually on the smaller quads that have awful VTXes, the whoops… HDZero is superb for those.

The shitty little cameras dont help either. I have to say though once youve flown HD of any variety for any period of time, when you go back to Analogue its really noticeable. Its like looking through a pair of glasses smeared with vaseline lol obviously Im exaggerating but its VERY obvious the difference

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I was just reading some old posts (from earlier this year) about the HDZero goggles and they, assuming specs haven’t changed, are something to look forward to, can’t wait to see that (not sure will be within my budget, but still…)

Absolutely this. Been looking at those again too. If they can deliver that for similar price, and have an analogue option… hmmmm

With those specs its no wonder FS “launched” their unfinished product now, once HDZero comes out with theirs it will appeal to a lot more people and potentially bite off a chunk off the market… Depending on the price, even the analog goggles might suffer (more so than they would naturally with digital takeover)

I see the list price for the Dominator HD goggle is speculated to be around £550. This in my mind is excessive for what is essentially a one trick pony. More so when you consider that you can only buy the VTX’s from the same manufacturer(s). This is not what I’d call competition that benefits the buyer and innovates the hobby.

Back when FPV started to take off Fatshark were the only gig in town when it came to goggles. But Fatshark did not own the technology and it wasn’t long before we started seeing other analog viewing devices on the market. This provided choice for the buyer and they could make a learned decision based on their own requirements and budgets. It was the same with analog VTX’s, camera’s, antenna’s, etc.

Even today, even after some manufacturers have fallen by the wayside (Prosight, Aomway, as examples), there is still a choice of goggles and analog VTX’s at all ranges of the price scale. My current analog goggle (Skyzone O4X) will always be better than the DominatorHD as it is more versatile. I can use it with all analog hardware, I use it with the Connex Prosight and HDZero, I even have them connected to a bedside PS4 for streaming online content and watching DVD’s in crisp HD.

I will hold my hand up and admit I do have the DJI V2 Goggle, which in principle is exactly the same as the DominatorHD, but more through luck than management I didn’t pay anywhere near the DJI price for them. And besides I can also use them as a backup analog goggle.

Yes, having more manufacturers does increase choice, but that freedom of choice ends after you make the purchase as you’re now that manufacturers bitch. I do admire Carl’s (HDZero) ethos and share his enthusiasm that HDZero may become the new analog, meaning multiple manufacturers adopting the tech. Unfortunately many a good man has met their demise because of good intentions.


Our goggle has progressed greatly since I last discussed it with you all. Thank you for your input early on, it was invaluable – this will be your goggle!

I want to set expectations about release date first. The goggle will be ready for a small group of testers in the June/July timeframe. General availability will be around September/October timeframe. If you have a set of goggles with HDMI input, I recommend purchasing the HDZero VRX now – don’t hold off flying HDZero all summer!

Whether you fly HDZero or analog, I’m confident that these will be your favorite set of goggles to reach for.

  • On/off sliding switch – be confident that the goggle is on or off at a glance or by feel

  • Designed for open source, the new goggle runs Linux. All code for the user interface is new and will be open source

  • 90Hz 1080p OLED screens with sliding IPD adjustment and dials for focus adjustment

  • By integrating the entire goggle display pipeline with HDZero’s fixed-latency video transmission, these goggles achieve 4ms glass-to-glass sub-frame latency with no jitter or dropped frames

  • Mounting rails for patch antennas or whatever else you might want to mount

  • Recessed front SMA jacks so you don’t have to remove antennas when packing the goggle away. Whether you install stubby antennas or TrueRC slide on patches, setup and teardown will be fast and easy

  • Three independently addressable fans work in combination to cool the internals and prevent fogging. They are soft mounted to prevent screen vibration and noise

  • HDMI input so you can use a ground station receiver, use for simulators, on the go movies, etc…

  • HDMI output so you can share your video feed to others

  • 3.5mm combination headphone / microphone jack so you can listen to analog or HDMI source audio or use a high-quality microphone for the pit-mic feature

  • 3.5mm analog video/audio input for use with ground station inputs

  • Analog input solves the vertical jitter problem found in analog OLED goggles today by using a 2D deinterlacer that adds no delay. This might be the best looking analog goggle display, despite it being a digital goggle

  • ELRS backpack support so the goggle can automatically follow the channel of the VTX

  • Add-on side-mounted analog module bay that accepts most of today’s analog modules

  • Add-on 2.4Ghz WiFi video streaming module to live steam your flights

  • Swappable faceplates to support different shaped faces and prevent light leak

Thank you,