Digital FPV.....DJI vs HDZero vs Orqa vs Walksnail vs openhd.....?

Yeah… I talked to beta testers on github. There’s also a goggle update needed. The goggle update is not easy to find and currently removes all OSD from all the other modes…

So don’t try it yet!

Well Divimath certainly have good customer support.

I bought this camera as part of a whoop lite kit a few months ago. At some point it stopped working. I looked inside and found a resistor (I think) loose and tried to solder it back on… a hard task, it was about the size of a grain of sand. Anyway I failed.

I contacted Divimath and they said they’d repair it FoC. So I sent it back to China… typically, for me this was just as the Royal Mail’s international postage systems went down.

Anyway, it just turned up there and I have been told I’ll be getting a brand new camera sent back to me next week.

Just in case this helps anyone. I did a few tests in the garden while it was sunny. Got man flu so didn’t go to the park.

Walksnail vrx & Hdzero goggles resolution, bitrate & framerate tests. No videos as the results are from my interpretation from the goggles view. And my garden is a tip.

720p 60fps 25mbit- very stuttery - looks like 10fps
720p 100fps 25mbit - great image, smooth flying.
720p 100fps 50mbit - couldn’t see a difference in image quality from 25mbit

1080p 60fps 25mbit - very stuttery but a visibly nicer image than 720p
1080p 100fps 25mbit - option not possible in the walksnail menu.

1080p 60fps is just about ok in a plane, hopefully Hdzero will sort out the hdmi timing for the 60hz modes. It is the nicest image in any goggle I’ve ever seen.


Nice information Karl :+1:t2: I remember saying before that I was desperate for one of the fpv companies to release a system with 1080p live view in goggles but the more I think about it the less Im bothered about it. Most of the time flying fpv quads the fast motions are going to give a decent amount of motion blur anyways which negates the benefits of the higher resolution/ better image quality. Like you say, I can see it being a nice upgrade for cruising with wings/planes etc but for quads I think a decent 720p feed is fine

Interesting, ta. I’ve been using my WS VRX on my Eachine EV300O nice oled goggles. I’ve been running 720p 60fps, since the panels are 720p res anyway. I’ve been nervous of trying different settings in case I end up with a blank screen and can’t get things back again. Worth trying higher FPS? My first thought is that it’s pointless if the goggles can’t do that refresh rate or res, but then I start wondering if there are any benefits of the video being encoded and transmitted at those higher settings and then rendered at lower levels in-goggle??

I’ve tried 25/50mbps a few times. Not a huge difference, maybe a little detail in large areas of green grass (which is particularly prone to compression, IME) but I’m not a fan of blasting out signal over 3 channels and also have noticed the bitrate starting to drop more rapidly at lower distances when on 50mbps.

The other thing I’ve been pondering is that, presumably, the higher FPS and higher resolution settings have theoretically more compression and lower potential image quality? If the bitrate is fixed at 25mbps then there are a lot more pixels to fit into that pipe at 1080/100hz than 720/60hz.

A quick google suggests that at 50-60ish fps, 1080p video ideally needs about 15mbps and 720 needs about 9mbps for a decent picture. Ramp that up to 100fps and you’re looking at 25mbps for 1080 and 15mbps for 720 - so maybe it’s not a huge issue. That said, it’s a shame about the obvious compression artifacts you get over grass and similar, given the bitrate headroom at lower resolution and fps. It would be nice if, at those lower settings, the VTX could ramp up the image quality in its encoding algorithm and make use of that headroom for some more image details.

Sorry, just random stream of thoughts…! :smiley:

I’ve heard these will run the 1080 mode, but yeah maybe not the higher frame rate. You can always keep hold of the back button to reset it though. But I can’t remember if it resets to 1080 though

They would, but theyre not that high resolution.

Btw… I though i was the only EV300O owner on here! Its great to find another.

Oooh. Walksnail are bringing out a pro vtx and cam tomorrow I think. With a gyro in the cam (i assume to get nice flowy video) and a Sony Starvis sensor for night time flights.

Nice, Ive not seen any news about that. Its great that they are continuing to develop new features and ideas :star_struck:

Painless posted a review by mistake then made it private :laughing:

not even there for Patreons :frowning_face:

Mad ian on their discord is proper spilling the beans :laughing:

After seeing your post I did find one guy had posted on the CaddxFPV fb page that he has received the new Pro kit

Cant find it now, must have been deleted but I did find this video which looks bloody amazing if its genuine :astonished:

I saw that. It looked so good everyone spammed it as fake

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Its pitch black and through the camera it looks like midday :astonished: if its genuine it will open some awesome night flying opportunities :grinning:

I had a little rip tonight on walksnail. The penetration was fantastic. It was running 720p 100hz, and isn’t as locked in as hdzero is on their goggles, but feels the same as the hdzero vrx on the hdo2’s is.
The hdzero on the new goggles was definitely a step up regarding being locked in, it feels more connected for sure. But for casual freestyle, I’m warming to walksnail very quickly.

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Thats good to hear, I think the HDZero VRX is the most connected Ive felt so if the Walksnail VRX is getting close to the same thats awesome!

I do wonder if its because youre swapping from one system to the other its taken you a bit longer to get used to than if you were only flying Walksnail? Great to hear that youre warming to it for freestyle now :smiley:

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Try the goggles at the big meet. It’s like you’re taken away on a wave.

Will definitely have a go if you dont mind. The HDZero goggles do look bloody brilliant :star_struck: