Digital FPV.....DJI vs HDZero vs Orqa vs Walksnail...?

Oh lord… I’m not looking forward to this one… Any rails in the park at Drone Circle? Maybe I’ll just turn up with the 5inch!

not sure.

Top of the swings. And there’s a cage all around the multisports court.

Oooohhh… Shall we? I cba to bring the whoops!

DJI up to their old tricks again. This from MadsTech YouTube channel

Something more for the coders. Arduino and hdzero integration.


Interesting video from MadsTech for anyone looking to use the DJI FPV 2 remote with the new O3 Air Unit

Any DJI Goggles 2 users out there, not been confirmed but…


DJI Google 2 backward compatibility with Vista/Air Unit. MadsTech testing shows some issues