Digital FPV.....DJI vs HDZero vs Orqa vs Walksnail...?

Will it help me learn my Emax Tinyhawk better? it’s current BF 4.0.4

Anybody got a promo code for HDzero web shop ?
Please :smiley:

Quite possibly…

No. Flying 50 packs straight after one another in an afternoon through race gates will

It will make that easier… just as using the HDZero 90fps cam will as well… for much the same reasons

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Well, I was going to head down this path later this year but I got excited on ebay on Sunday night…

Picked up a Walksnail VRX for £100 - pretty much brand new, still in all the packaging and wrappers. So far I’ve only plugged it into my OLED goggles and messed around in the menus. I spotted that HobbyRC had the nano cam and vtx reduced to £120 (plus the usual discount), so I picked one of those up and a pair of decent stubbies as apparently the WS ones are a bit shite - that should arrive by the end of this week.

I plan to put it all into my TBS Source One 7" cruiser, since the video on that has always been a bit sketchy and I’ve lost my confidence flying it a little, after having to retrieve it from muddy fields using GPS coords on two or three occasions.

Excited! (and broke)

I’ll stick with 120 thanks

I’m trying to sell and kidney to fund it…

Chris Rosser HDZero goggle with Walksnail VRX latency testing

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Had to stop it near the end cos he’s plugging stuff, but nice to see Carl is approachable about concerns.

Does anybody know when this current price deal will end? or do we think Carl Z will keep it going as the goggles continue to gain wide acclaim with reviewers and users :thinking:

The HDzero webshop yesterday did not give any clues.

I’ve watched a few videos and I believe Bardwell (I think it was him with Blunty), said 5th Feb? Can’t confirm this…

I thought I saw somewhere that the current deal was only through the month of January but I cant find it to confirm, sorry mate

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February 4th… From Bardwell… Where he got that info I dunno?!

(Knew I’d heard Bardwell say it, just had to scan two videos to find it, haha) Too many fpv videos I watch, lol

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Thanks Guys

Posted in another thread, but worth repeating here…

Would be cool to start seeing accompanying gyro logs on some of these digital vtx unis that have onboard storage for video. I think I saw that the DJI O3 unit does it. It’s a relatively cheap addition for manufacturers.

I tried looking up through this thread to see who was running WS, but the conversation has got pretty HDZero heavy recently (understandably). I’m really quite jealous of all those nice goggles you guys are getting your hands on. For me, WS seems to hit a bit of a sweet spot of offering DJI-like negotiated/two-way video link at a pretty cheap price point, as well as moving forwards from DJI with things like OSD support, system flexibility and so on. I hope I’ve made the right choice…

I think it’s only @notveryprettyboy that was WS I’m aware of. I have the O3, but it’s still not on anything untested, unpowered, so can’t comment on that yet, but on board recording I think best of the lot and has gyro… Hopefully find out in next month or so, I just wanna get on top of WTFOS, hacking, FCC mode and not had the time tbh to sort it, and won’t till back end of next week!

But yes I think WS has the quality of DJI (nearly), but more community supported. I think a mix of the HDZero goggles + WS is an excellent combination and if starting out today be the route I’d take (though seems the latency on the HDZero goggles not there yet, but I bet that’ll be fixed soon!). Though for an all in one (without secondary camera) on board recording, the O3 wins (apparently). I’m not a massive video maker (I love the flying not the video editing, and come on, most FPV videos get a little boring, heh).

Adding a gyro to the cam/video feed as you say must be cheap addon, wonder if HDZero looking at doing that at some point, oh but they don’t record on board do they?.

All in all, it’s horses for courses. I’m v. happy with the DJI, but the latency of HDZero would be awesome for indoor flying, outdoors… Not got the penetration… So you either have onboard and penetration with DJI/WS, latency with HDZero… Bardwells reactions to the 90fps nano HDZero was great. O3 removes the requirement for a 2nd camera on board, which I have always hated/struggled with, just getting them at the same angle is a pain, and I ain’t paying loads for a gopro to be wrecked!!

All in all, they all offer something… Can’t have the one magic bullet!

Indeed. I’d probably have gone DJI by now had it not been for the price. £250 all in to move from analogue to WS digital (including cam and vtx for one quad) is pushing the limits of affordability for me but just about justifiable. I’d be looking at £700+ for DJI which is just a complete no-go.

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I’m sure the micro cam could have a gyro in it… you want it in the cam, not the vtx as then it requires no adjustment due to the orientation of the board.
Also an on board storage of the video feed would be possible. Even storing the whole image from the sensor to allow better usage of gyroflow. Possibly best done in the camera as well, then any VTX could use it.

It sounds to me like something that another company could do…

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Oh… and a second HDZero goggle order has gone in. Brendan’s birthday present.

I’ve added a 90fps cam to the order as well.