Dinorwic Quarry, N. Wales

Finally got back out there after a neck shoulder injury!!
I hope you enjoy :+1:


Only 360p?

Was thinking the same, must still be rendering the HD

After 16 mins - should be at least up to 720p if not any further.

HD is there, now. 37 minutes later.

@Djimini2 - Just a tip - it’s worth waiting for YT to do it’s thing, and create the higher resolution versions, before posting here.

Otherwise too many people will only see 360p and not come back to watch.


@OzoneVibe can you put a tad more meat on those bones please as I for one have no idea about video uploading to YT. I can and do upload to YT but have no idea what is actually happening other than me tapping buttons.

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When you upload the screen tells you how much is uploaded and then how much is processed, wait until 100% processed.

:man_facepalming: yep I realised this afterwards :crazy_face::gun::boom: it’s been a few months since I edited or uploaded anything. My sincere apologies :disappointed:

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A wonderful sense of history.

Thank you :+1: