Disable phone charging while connected to RC (android user)

How do you disable phone charging while using RC? Apple has an option to do it but android doesn’t. any suggestion? thanks

Without rooting it’s not possible.

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thanks! I need an apple then.

It’s prolly been asked before but is there any way I can stop the Mavic controller charging my Android phone? The phone has a good battery and I can see that the RC would run out of oomph before the phone did.
I can’t find a setting anywhere.

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As per above.

But, for me, I’ve never managed to flatten the RC even when flying my way though 4 MP batteries. So I’ve never worried about it.

In my opinion, it’s better than discovering, mid flight, that your phone’s battery is about to die.

Isn’t it better that the phone battery dies rather than the RC? You could get the bird home if the controller’s OK

I’m very new to Android. Is rooting the same as jailbreaking on IOS?

RTH gets it home.

As I say, never had the RC get low, and since I’ve used a dedicated drone-phone, neither has the phone.

But, for those that have the same device as a phone and drone phone, it’s more likely the phone is rather dead than the RC.


DJI drones run on Android under the hood, that’s how we can root them :wink:

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