Discoloured corner. Thoughts?

On Saturday morning I had three flights at the same location, all done within an hour. I recorded a few separate clips on each flight and noticed a green/blue patch on the bottom left corner of my screen and assumed it was my phone but it turns out it was the camera on my Mini.

It was quite noticeable in all the clips on the first flight but by the third flight it had gone. Could it be a coldness issue? The flight data says the local temperature was minus 2 degrees on all three flights but would the drone warming up over the hour have fixed it?

Here’s a vid of three clips (one from each flight). I’ll also add that the first two were well before I got up close and personal with the tree (that clip doesn’t have the discolouration either).

Any ideas?

Hard to say but I would put down to tempreture and try again next when its a bit milder.
The tech we have today is very much affected by tempreture as are lithion batteries so could be the sensor or maybe even a cold patch inside the lens haosing you would only need a very small area to make a big difference.


it seems to me then same promlem I had , trying my first sunset , I ws moving the drone at too higher speed , most the video is well acceptable , you did a good job, the problems seem to be when the light change is dramatic.

I hope this helps you

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That’d be my guess too.

If you fire it up indoors and point it at a plain coloured wall, any issues?

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I’ll give it a try tomorrow. As I say, it was OK later in the session. You live and learn.

If you have one - try using a plain mid-grey wall.

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As it had warmed up? :thinking:

I presume so. That was all I could put it down to.

18% preferred ;o)

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I could have been condensation on your lens? . caused by the weather.
just a guess

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can you change the white balance on a mavic mini? because this could give you some strange weird colour shifts when the light changes in your shot :face_with_monocle:

Not yet, no…

In a future update?

Hopefully :+1:t2: