DJI adaptor Anteena

i need a long one then what com with the air unit it is to short
any help wood be good thank yours


Not sure what your asking here.

Are you looking for some sort of “range extender” @Big-D?

the standard anteena r to short the the 3d mould wot com with the iflight dc5 and i now u can get long one to plug in to the air unit

Can you show us some pictures of the problem.

just abit short as u can see i think

Ah ok. So what you need is

And the 2 lhcp sma antennas.

The stock antennas won’t work where the air unit is at the moment


what type of antenna do i need to buy for the end then please and thank you for the information


Any left hand polarised antennas you like!

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