DJI Air 2 S Combo new and unused.

So I’m well into my 70’s and became fascinated with the drone scene (I have wasted so much money on other fascinations as well).
I bought an Mini 2 _ an Mavic Air 2 _and an Air 2 S combo pretty much at the same time.

I have NEVER flown the Air 2 S combo so it is as new in it’s case. I thought of asking £750 for this or ONO. The original box is available.

The Mavic Air 2 is pretty much the same although I do have a vague memory of perhaps popping it up and down just once. How about £450 ono for this one ?

I live in the CW5 area and prefer collection (and any trial if you wish).
I’m prepared to deliver (if not too far) and you live in a nice part of the country where I can stay in the camper for a few days !


I am sorely tempted to make you an offer on the Air 2S. How long ago did you buy it? Wondered about the state of the batteries.

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I think about a year and a half. Is there a way to check the batteries ?
As they have never been drained through usage and then recharged I would imagine they are perfect. My understanding of batteries is that it is the number of charging cycles that reduces the capacity.

Have you ever charged the batteries?

yes … periodically checked but most often found to be at 100%

They should self-discharge to around 70-75% after 10 days :man_shrugging:

If you power up the drone, the fly app will tell you how many charge cycles the battery has

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Will do what you suggest … let’s see !

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REDUCED … Air 2 S now £550 and Mavic Air 2 £300

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REDUCED … Mavic Air 2 S now £550. and Air 2 £300

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Hi Ian,

I already have 2s otherwise I would have seriously been interested for a magnificent drone, especially at that price.

Try this site, you can ask here there are trustworthy. It’s worth to see if they will pay more or not but cost nothing to find out.


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