DJI Air 2S zoom not working

Hi I’m new to flying a drone I have recently bought a DJI air 2S I don’t seem to be able get the zoom to work could anyone give me some advice.

Have you ever got it to work ?

As a side note, I don’t think its available in still photo mode if thats what you’re trying

No I’ve tried the different modes in photo and video

Ok, have a watch of this

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Thanks I’ll give that ago

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The Air2s zoom is only available in certain modes:

“Zoom recording is not available while recording 10-bit videos and 120fps videos.”

Full details here under zoom section.

As the zoom is only digital, n most cases you’re probably better off shooting in 5.4k video then cropping/zooming in post. Exceptions would be if you’re doing a live dolly zoom or can’t fly close to the subject due to whatever reason.

Thanks for the info.