DJI Air 3 Hyperlapse only has 4K or 720 and no 1080p option

Hi, got my first drone Mini 3 pro a year ago and been enjoying doing Hyperlapse at 1080p 30fps.
My tablet (Samsung 2018 tab A) seems unable to play/edit anything higher than that using the Inshot app and that has not been an issue for me.

My problem is that I have now bought an Air 3 only to find when doing hyperlapse it only does them in 4K or 720 and does not have a 1080p option.

Have chatted online with DJI support today and they said would pass to engineers to see if a firmware update would fix.
Will wait with fingers crossed but in the mean time can I just ask is this an issue for anyone else and can anyone suggest a workround.
Thanks, Steve

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Sadly for you your drone has moved on technology wise, whereas your tablet is stuck in the naughties, might be time to invest in a newer tablet, you really need one of the more powerful Ta S version, like the Tab S7

Yep had been thinking that myself but funds for a new tablet on top of the Air 3 may be stretched !:laughing: will have a look at the one you mention, thanks for your reply :+1:

Something like this, the Tab S range have octocore CPU’s and can handle far higher bitrates, plus the screens are brilliant

Managed to find a new tab S7 at a good price and ordered it last night, not the latest S model but hoping it will do the job. Thanks for motivating me to upgrade my tab, early xmas present to myself ! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

No worries, you will be happier, I love the Tab’s by Samsung, that much I bought the latest 1TB Tab S9 Ultra, enjoy your new tab, there are some real nice cases on Amazon black Friday for the Tab S7 either the genuine Samsung or Spigen