DJI annoucement Jan 23 - new Mavic?

DJI have announced an…er, announcement for January 23rd in New York with the teaser title ‘The Adventure Unfolds’ and a graphic that could be a new drone model. Speculation on YouTube is for something called the ‘Mavic Air’ but it’s all speculation right now. Guess we’ll find out soon.

Their last big announcement was a camera that I’d need to re-mortgage my house to afford :rofl:


Speculation is a smaller Mavic type drone “adventure unfolds” being quite a hint towards something Mavic-ey. Who knows!

I think its going to be one like a spark but smaller

Isn’t there a revision to spark due this year, possibly that?

Maybe they’ve bought out Eachine :wink:

I reckon “adventure unfolds” might suggest a deckchair that morphs into a drone? Hehe :wink:

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