DJI announces new camera for Inspire - Mavic and Spark owners can breathe easy

DJI’s big announcement for 11th October turned out to be a new 6K cinema-quality camera for the Inspire 2 drone called the Zenmuse X7. With a price tag starting around £3,000 it is probably well outside the interest of most Grey Arrows club members, who can now breathe a sigh of relief that it’s not a Mavic 2 or Spark 2. Their recent investments in those drones are safe - for now.

Blimey… three grand… and that doesn’t include the drone I take it?!

I’m glad they’ve not announced anything that instantly makes my bird feel old :blush:

Nope, not even the lenses I believe, just the mount. No wonder they’re hoping their customers will be big movie companies.

Me too. I’d steeled myself for the possibility of a Spark 2, instantly making my five-day old Spark an outdated model.

LOL! No way?!

That’d be like Apple announcing their latest phone would start at £999 :rofl:

Oh… wait… :no_mouth:

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