DJI Avata 2 To Sub 250 Options - Babyhawk O3

After owning the Avata 2 since release, and making a thread last night regarding the rules, I am finding it bit tedious having to drive out to the countryside every time I want to fly it. I just want the convenience of being able to fly from my garden (residential area) and rip (with a spotter of course). I am also getting a bit bored of the Avata, I want something with a bit more punch and can handle freestyle a bit better.

What are my options? I’m thinking maybe the Babyhawk O3 is the best option? I know currently O3 isn’t compatible with the Goggles 3, so I will either have to wait for an update or I may just sell and get some Goggles 2.

Is there anything better than the Babyhawk O3?

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There are a lot of 3 to 3.5 inch drones that have come out recently capable fo carrying a O3 unit and being under 250g, many would be less restricted than an Avata 2.

I don’t know how big your garden is or how friendly you are with your neighbours but I would still avoid flying anything over a 2 inch drone from the garden as drones gain attention fast (at least where I live :policeman: :smile: )

Anyways, Ones such as AOS 3.5 Inch, BeeDrone StingerBee would be good too.

Others to consider might be the iFlight Defender 16 / 20 if you wanted to stick to a similar style, I have the Pavo Pico (1.6inch prop) which carries an O3 and can somewhat do some freestyle maneuvers.

Or if you sell the Avata 2 (which I think is what you suggested) the Walksnail Caddx GoFilm 20 with Goggles is looking really good


I’m having an awful lot of fun with the GEPRC Darkstar 20 in the O3 version. Looks almost identical to the Pavo Pico. Battery life is a bit short, like most in this class, but it flies superbly. It’s not a full on acro nutter, but can certainly be a bit spicy! And it can dive 400ft towers with no issues or wobbles at all. :grin: The onboard O3 DVR is what sold the upgrade for me, I have V2 googles and the in-google difference is very noticeable from the Vista set up I have been using until now.

Whatever you end up going for, my advice is get spare frame and spare motors so, when you need them in 6mths time you’ve got them and don’t end up finding that there’s now no replacements available (as soooo often happens in this game!


You could take the A2cofc and avata 2 can be flown as sub 250g but only no intentiona overflight of people

I still don’t think this is clear enough as intentionally flying over people can be interpreted different from person to person.

So is flying over houses, while recording the sunset, classed as intentionally flying over someone? What happens if someone comes out of their house the moment your drone passes over them? Is that classed as intentionally flying over someone? What about if you’re 120m high and someone is directly below the drone for a split second, is that classed as intentionally flying over someone? What if I fly in line with a street, let’s say 50m high, there’s people on the right hand side and I fly to the left of the street, technically I’m not “directly” over them.

Intentionally flying over someone, in my opinion, is deliberately flying close to someone, just above them, over and over again being a nuisance. I don’t see how doing rolls and power loops and flybys at 120m could be classed as deliberately flying over someone.

Anyway, thanks all for the help. I’m going to look into either the Stingerbee O3 or Babyhawk O3. Was considering a dark star or pavo but I think I’d be disappointed with the performance coming from the Avata 2.

I think you answered your own question, if you fly over a building with a class of drone that allows this but somebody comes out of said building then you havent intentionally flown over them have you, as long as you manover away then how can you be wronged, intentionaly in my book means deliberately.