DJI Care Refresh over Drone Insurance - One, or the Other, or Both?

First things first. I think different variables in this question have been covered in various questions (throughout the forum) in the past, but like the drones themselves, there may have been changes to the service or other considerations.

I recently bought drone insurance with Moonrock (very much appreciated the club discount :grinning: This was primarily because of the Flyaway cover and I combined that with a new membership of FPVUK to get the third-party cover indemnity.

As I consider my purchase of a (I have been corrected, so have to be careful to use the correct name now) DJI Air 2S I am wondering if I should include the Care Refresh package or whether the Moonrock insurance will be sufficient. I am aware that my Moonrock insurance covers my Mavic 2 Zoom right now so I would need to investigate what is involved in adding another drone to the current policy.

Would you good people feel comfortable with your drone insurance as a single catch-all, or would you still fork out for the DJI Care Refresh package?

I went to moonrock you get public liability insurance

I had DJI Refresh with my original Mini, I went with Coverdrone for my Mini 2 because it includes public liability insurance and the cost if I had a fly-away would be much less than Refresh.

Drone specific insurance is way overpriced, particularly if you’re just a hobbyist. Care Refresh is quite expensive for anything above the Mini’s when you factor in the claim fees, as they replace the drone itself, rather than it being a cash claim. It can also take a couple of weeks for all the shipping as it is sorted out in the Netherlands.

If you have home insurance that should provide cover for the loss / damage of the drone or even damage caused by it and my home insurance costs less and has a lower excess than drone insurance on it’s own! I made a claim last year after losing my MA2 in the sea and they paid up in under a week with zero fuss and it didn’t affect my premium. Travel insurance will provide cover too, if you’re on a trip. Public liability insurance can be bought separately if you want it, but you shouldn’t need it if your not a business, I doubt that’d be more than £50-60 per year anyway.

A lot don’t.

Mine specifically changed a few years ago (esure) the drones are covered for theft etc but not while being used.

Most do not cover the drone in use. I think it’s only LV that do. House insurance with all the extras away from home added will cover it while it’s with you as they would a camera, etc but cover stops the moment it’s ready to fly. You must make sure the value of the drone is added to the amount covered.

Coverdrone insurance for a Mini 2 with £2M PLI is just over £50.

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I believe you can get DJI Refresh Plan for a second hand drone if you submit a video and relevant serial numbers and send of a screen video recording of drone, has anyone tried this.

After nearly losing my Mavic Air 2s what is the best kind to buy DJI Refresh or some other plan.

@Cabunag Colin, I’ve moved your post here, lots of options and threads on insurance.

If you can ‘pass’ the DJI criteria for refresh then its good, although the excesses are getting higher.