DJI Controller to Phone Cable

Hi Guys

I want to buy an extended controller to phone cable so I can use a tablet mount on the controller, I can find them for the Spark, and Pro etc but not specifically for the Mini (I guess because it’s new)

Can anyone advise if the DJI controller to phone cables for the spark, pro etc are all the same connector at the controller end…so if I buy one thats advertised for them it will fit the Mini ?

I got this one for my Mini (to iPhone obviously).
I guess time will tell if it’s any good or not.


I think I will risk a purchase, I need the USB C one

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Hi Paul,
I have ordered one from amazon it’s coming today the seller was happisland and was £9 next day delivery. Soon as I know it works I’ll let you know. But it seems the mini is too new at the moment,Really impressed with the mini so far although it is my first drone.

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Thanks Jason that would be great

I am impressed so far also, its so stable and responsive and the flight time is great and impressed with the camera.

Just go to the pound shop and get one

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You can get them on eBay here

The Mavic Mini controller looks basically the same as for the Pro Spark and Air, and looking at the cables supplied with the Mini they ar just the same as the others so the above cables will be fine I am sure, you can choose the length and type C or whatever, for tablet you obviously want the longer one. I have used the same cable as this for over a year now, no problems.

I bit the bullet and ordered a phone mount and cable from Amazon, will be here in a few days, it’s not like it’s fit to fly at the moment anyway. Thanks for all your input guys

Hi Paul ,
A belated reply but the cable works well, I also bought the mount.

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Thanks jason…good to know