DJI Customer services?

Just tried to register my DJI Resfresh option. I started to set up/update firmware about 45 hours ago (i know this because i left it til the kids were in bed, not last night but the night before!). I got a message saying i was outside the 48 hour period when i tried to register!? I went to the chat help & was given a long list of things to video??? I don’t even know how to start the thing yet!!!

Anyone had anything similar happen/

If I can’t get Refresh, is there any other options?


Yes, I had the same issue, I tried for ages but never got it; I contacted DJI on live chat and all they said was to post a video. I didn’t bother with the video but my account is still showing $99 refresh in the basket. If I lose the Mavic I may just hold off for other manufactures to come up with rival drones.

Refresh doesn’t cover you for Loss

If you upload the video after you have figured out how to turn it on :wink: they will start your refresh period.

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DJI have terrible customer support :frowning:

Where did you buy the drone from?

If it was somewhere like Argos or Amazon, to be perfectly honest I’d return it and get another, and then register the Care Refresh :expressionless:

Jessops. There isn’t one locally though. Plus on what grounds would I return it?

… update. They emailed me ton say they found the error and sent me a link to submit a new DJI refresh purchase.

Bought it.

Out to fly tomorrow morning now :):grin: