DJI Event 18 July 2018 - See the Bigger Picture

18th July 2018


What are we thinking?

Mavic Pro 2 with a 1" sensor and optical zoom?

Phantom 5 with a 360 degree camera under it?

Or something that none of us can afford, a Matrice 8000 with 25 props, 3 week battery life and a 50KG payload?


MP2 - more than 1 version - both pricey - both tempting. :wink:

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They may not even announce a new drone :scream:

This is what my credit cards are hoping!

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Not going to happen now…

Jeez! That guy waffles like a burst a**hole.

I’m sure it will blow my socks off, but I placed my order with Heliguy today for an MPP Flymore combo.

Couldn’t wait any longer whilst DJI play their marketing games.

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Just seen this on Twitter … MP2 … possibly.
I mean it says it is … but no idea if fake.

Looks a bit bigger than the MP!
Bigger arms.
Bigger motors.
Bigger camera.
Side obstacle sensors.

What’s the bit with the blue circle? Is that a folded Apple Lighting connector?

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Could be. New controller, then.
I just found the image without any explanations.

I dont think thats fake.

Looks like you can remove the gimbal and add to that handheld thing that’s circled.

Removable gimbal would be a nice touch.

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… would make it easier for me to dismantle mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wasn’t fussed about MP2 but seeing that I think I need it in my life.

Better start saving.

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Hmmm - I like the compact size of the MP. It’s going to have to offer me something I can’t resist to go bigger again.
I do so much trekking with mine, that factor is important. It’s why I don’t bother with CrystalSky, etc. … more to carry, more to charge.

An awesome camera would be top of my “I hope it doesn’t have one because this will cost money I don’t have” list.

Like wise.

I can deal with a little extra bulk though if it’s got a better sensor and variable aperture.

Good thing with a modular camera design is it might allow upgrades.


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I’m curious why the camera lens cover is rectangular. You’d think for a single lens they would have made it square to keep weight down.

Maybe a really wide FOV?

Do any of the Zenmuse lenses support optical zoom?

If I want to do some proper spying on people, I need a proper zoom lens dammit!

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One that takes my MFT 300mm would be perfect! :+1:

I refer you to my pic of The Needles from 6kms, the other day.

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Looks like a nice piece of kit if that is the MP2… Although i would only consider the upgrade if DJI bring 360 obstacle avoidance and a significant flight time upgrade. I don’t overly care for a removable gimbal, as it will just complicate something that is already pretty complex! (unless this means we can upgrade the camera)

It looks to have side obstacle sensors. No point adding those if it doesn’t also have rear. So that looks good.

Flight time is almost a non-negotiable factor … until someone develops a new light-weight / high capacity battery. All drones seem to be about the same 20/30 minutes, because a bigger battery for more flight time also weighs more and reduces flight time accordingly.