DJI Flight Simulator

I can’t find it. I’ve fired everything up, gone into “Academy” but can only find videos and tutorials - no flight simulator.
Has it been removed?

Any use?

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Thanks 'Spike. I’ll borrow the wife’s laptop and give this a go (I don’t have any versions of windows running, only Linux and Android.
Looking at youtube videos from a couple of years ago there used to be a simulator included under “Academy”. However, now they are selling flight sim software I think they have removed the simulation that came embedded in their DJI Go app.

It got pulled from GO4 around August 2019 I think:

Here’s a thread with more info on the Windows simulator:


I remember the app told me quite a while back that if I upgraded it I would lose the simulator. I’ve just checked now and it’s gone. That’s a shame - I used to use it to experiment with the effects of strong wind.

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You can’t use the Mavic or Mavic pro 2 rc controllers with the simulator.

I’ve just had a go with the free version. It can simulate a Phantom 4 Pro but not a bog standard Phantom 4, which is what I have. I assume they handle in similar ways, and it works ok with the Phantom 4 controller. There’s a button I can’t find - it says to press it to change camera view but I don’t think I have it. Otherwise I’ve been experimenting with the differences between P, S and A mode. It seems to let me fly through my body which means I can look at it very close-up while it’s flying, which is interesting. I haven’t found settings for wind speed and direction yet but hopefully they’re there somewhere. Regarding the physics, it seems to take longer to stop mid-air after moving than the actual Phantom 4 does but it feels (and sounds) very real otherwise.


Thanks 'Spike, that confirms my fears. It looks like I’ve got into drones just at the wrong time… DJI have removed flight sim from their App; the Government have just tightened up legislation on Drone and UPV flying and now I’m not even permitted beyond my front gate. We chucked all our money at my daughter, two years ago, between us selling a small bungalow and a semi detactched. This enabled her to buy a larger place with just under 3 acres which is where we all live now - the problem is that we’re slap bang next door to Redhill Aerodrome!
I’m going to try and and find an early version of DJI Go to download. If I can’t the windows route provides a fallback.
Regards Shaun

Thanks TG. I’m going to look to see if I can find an earlier version, still containing the flight sim, to download. If I’m successful I’ll let you know.

Thanks Rafter. Are you sure? I’ve read the specs and it looks as though you should be able to use your controller. I had a problem connecting my Mavic Pro controller to a tablet using a lead from the socket under the bottom of the controller. I changed the lead for a better quality one and that worked.
Also, the sim instructions read to me as though you need to use the socket on the left side of the controller.
Anyway, I;m going to try and find an earlier version of the app first. If I can’t then I’ll try the windows route with the free version.
I’ll let you know how it goes.
Regards Shaun

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I’ve had no luck trying to find a pre V4.3.24 version of GO4 (I’m not surprsed as we’re now many versions on).
Looks like installing the windows version on my wife’s laptop is the way ahead or…

Does anybody know of any other flight sims that will work with the Mavic pro controller?

The Mavic controller will work with the simulator on the Go 4 app but I thought people were talking about the Free version of the Professional simulator.

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I think that you are correct Rafter. I’ve installed the free version of the sim on a Windows 10 laptop. It appears to be working ok but I can’t get my Mavic pro controller to work with it. It might be something I’m doing wrong, but I don’t think so.
Has anyone else had any success running the free sim with a Mavic pro controller?

I’ve downloaded the latest DJI flight sim onto a laptop running windows 10. It all appears to be working. However, I can’t get it to recognise my Mavic pro controller.
Has anyone else successfully paired the two?

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Looking at DJI’s own site and the specs for the free simulator only the Mavic air controller works with the simulator for the Mavic series.
That is unless you want to shell out for the DJI Smart Controller.

It says that the Mavic is “supported”, as in there is a model of it in the sim but the rc is not.


Mavic Series Mavic Air
DJI Smart Controller
Phantom 4 Series Phantom 4
Phantom 4 Advanced
Phantom 4 Pro
Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
Matrice Series Matrice 100
Matrice 600
Matrice 600 Pro
Inspire Series Inspire 1 Series
Lightbridge Lightbridge 2

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Thanks Rafter,
Yes it says the Mavic Air is supported but I can’t get it to recognise the controller for my Mavic Pro.

@Shaunh Look at the “supported controllers” in my post above. The Mavic pro is NOT supported.


My Mavic pro works fine

You mean the Mavic 2 Pro I’m guessing :slight_smile: