DJI Fly App - Can i fly two DJI drones on the same account?

I have a DJI Mavic Mini and now thinking of buying an Air 2S. Both use the DJI Fly app which works great on the Mini, but i’m not sure if i can fly the Mini and Air 2S using the same DJI account (as the siftware interface for the mini will be different to that on the Air2S)

Can any DJI users advise if i can use my existing DJI account to fly both drones or whether i need to create a separate account and log out/log in each time i change drones.

I can’t find anything on the DJI website, so I’m hoping that someone on here will know.

Yes, confirmed, you can fly multiple drones with one DJI account.


I fly a DIJ Mini and a DJI Air 2 with no issues the app just detects what drone you’ve got powered on and connected and adjusts itself accordingly :+1:t2:

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Yes, you only need one DJI profile for all your stuff - all my DJI drones and cameras use the same account.


Thanks, i had wondered if it would automatically detect each drone.

Perfect and thanks again

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Agree with everybody above.
I fly a Mavic PRO and an AIR2S on my one account/profile :slightly_smiling_face: