DJI Fly app no longer works on my Samsung S21 Ultra

Hi, i have a maveric mini which i hav’nt used for a while but when i tried recently it appears the app no longer works?
Ive updated to the latest version but it just freezes on the opening screen.
Is anyone else having problems with the dji fly app or know how to fix?
Im on android s21 ultra
Ive tried reloading on 3 other android phones now but all have the same problem.

I was using the Air2s on Saturday with the S21 Ultra. No issues at all.
I also popped the Mini 2 up as well.

SWMBO was using her S20FE with the Mini 2 again, no problems.

Both on V1.5.10(1070-official)

No problems with my s20fe with mini2

Thanks for replies.
I’ve just worked it out.
I had to enlarge the screen view by lowering my font size in settings and that inturn allowed me to see a next button at the bottom of the screen :relaxed::+1:

Hope this info can help others out if they get the same issue.