Dji fly app problem when using mavic air 2

Hi guys everytime I use the fly app for my mavic air 2 a few things like apas disappear from the app does anyone know if this can be fixed or has anyone had same problem hope you can help thank you have got latest update and am on android

Can you post some version numbers so that the community might be able to help a little better?

Android version.

Fly app version.

And what make and model phone you are using.

Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi sorry fone is a Huawei p30 android and the Dji fy app 1.4.0

Possibly the phone… you know you can’t trust those Chinese… hold on aren’t iPhones made in China?? Statement retracted…



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Just tried using my iPad same thing apas disappears

iPad - made in China doh :persevere:

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Can we clarify if it’s an Air 2, or an Air 2S?

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If it’s the camera functions it’s all changed in the newest version.

@ianinlondon has put out a new video on the pro camera functionality

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Cheers Chris will have a look at it thank you

Hi pingspike it a mavic air 2 cheers

Have a look at this video - it gives some good info about APAS and (for me) some surprises as to when its not available :+1:

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I really don’t see much point in APAS; it will stop you flying left or right, unless you set this in another setting. And the Obstacle avoidance still works fine with APAS switched off.

As for the original post, I think he was looking for the camera settings that have moved to the bottom of the app now…

Hi Ian thanks for the info keep up the great videos thank again

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Cheers jhdee will have a look thank you