DJI Fly - App updates and download links

So is there a firmware update or jus the fly app update?

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Fly App update with firmware update for the controller I believe

@Dvdjo What make phone? What model? What operating system version?

If the phone is Android, is the phone on the approved devices list?

It’s a Oneplus 5, with O/S Android 9. As far as I can see from the DJI download centre this is listed as compatible. It’s always worked perfectly until yesterday.

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@Dvdjo I have a Oneplus 5, been out this morning with the latest update. No signs of any of your symptoms but once it got about 50yds away, I got weak signal/interference constantly even when I flew it back in front of me. Changed battery, did the same again. Added yagi, still moaned about the signal but went beyond the non-yagi distances I’m used to.

@Doodler That’s interesting, thanks.

I contacted Heliguy who supplied my MA2 and they’ve asked me to try a few things.

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Well, Heliguy asked me to check all the updates were installed using DJI Assistant for Mavic. They were all installed but I refreshed them again on both the RC and drone.

I tried flying in the house with propeller guards and did a 360 deg yaw. Same issue, the picture was frozen and blurred but updated every few seconds.

I turned the video on to record the situation…and guess what… the picture started working normally on the phone display! What’s that all about? Got a working video and some still photos…so it seems to be working again. I’ll try and go out next week and have a proper fly. Phew!

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What I’m seeing are persistent warnings. Took the Mini out yesterday and on different flights, got both weak signal and interference warnings. Once they appeared, they remained until I landed and turned off the mini. Neither cleared even when the Mini was within arm’s reach.

Looks like an issue with the new version of DJI FLY… In summary, downgrade and it should work ok.

I have had issues with the latest DJI Fly app update (1.2.0). Whilst flying warnings appear telling me of ‘interference’ and a ‘weak signal’ despite showing maximum RC signal and all the transmission bands coloured green. Although flying seams ok it doesn’t inspire confidence especially when these messages continue until I have landed.

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Henrik has published a video which gives detailed instructions on how to downgrade to a more stable version of the Fly App - maybe useful for IOS users

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I’m reading about issues on the latest DJI fly app, do these issues affect MM 1, MA 2 and Mini 2? I can downgrade the app for my MM 1 but I’m guessing the Mini 2 requires the latest version anyway.

I think my mini 2 must be on a slow boat from China as it’s not arrived yet even though DJI said 3 business days for delivery.

From what I’ve seen, it’s only the mini 1 that’s having issues.


No issues here with the MM 2 and Air 2

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I’ve had no issues so far on Fly app with the Mini 2. Its pretty solid!

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Moved the last few posts over to this thread (instead of the Mini 2 thread) since the issue seems to be app related.


DJI Fly version 1.2.1 now available for IOS. Understand similar is available for Android users. It supposedly corrects some of the stability issues found in version 1.2.0 :+1: :+1: :+1:


Release notes for v1.2.1

13 November 2020

What’s New?

  • Fixed issue: “Weak signal. Adjust antennas” pop-up message did not disappear automatically when using Mavic Mini.

  • Fixes some issues and optimizes overall app quality.

It appears there are a number of reports that Fly App v1.2.1 also has problems. Believe they are mainly on the Mini 1. Looks like rolling back to vs 1.1.10 fixes everything - for the Mini 1.

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But wasn’t 1.2.1 supposed to fix the bugs in 1.2.0 ?